The following birth stories are from some of Better Births parents:

Chelsea Norris (Key 103 presenter)

I can't rememember where I first heard the term Hypno Birthing but once I had - the words seems to pop up everywhere. I'd see a sign in the hospital or a friend would say 'oh you must do Hypno'.
So I started looking into it, and with the help of Twitter discovered Kellie and Better Birth. I remember the first night she came - sitting waiting and wondering if she'd look like Nanny McPhee and have a crystal around her neck - as it all seemed perhaps a little Earth Mom!! I was relieved when she arrived to see she was normal - and not just normal but really really nice.
She believed in what she was saying and her descriptions made so much sense. I started to understand the idea behind it and explain it to other people too.
Over the weeks Kellie visited the house we learnt lots of different techniques and I loved how involved my partner Ben was. It made it 'our' journey and gave him things to do when the moment came. Something men in particular often feel they don't have in other pregnancies and labours.
It made me look forward to labour - almost as a challenge.
Sadly my labour didn't go quite the way I wanted. Being stuck at 4cm on a birthing unit for approx 15 hours before being transferred to delivery ward.
In all that time though I remained 'drug free', calm and chilled and rose to the challenge. I also accepted anything that was thrown at me and tackled each obstacle as it came by.
In the end (40hrs) I did have to have an epidural. Something I'd hoped to avoid. But you know what, I was of clear mind the whole time and so was my baby. It helped us get through.
They call it Birthing Preferences in Hypno Birthing so you don't feel a failure if things don't go to plan - so I knew this was my plan and I had to go with it.
I met a lot of cynics on my journey - people who laughed when I said I was doing Hypno Birthing, people who giggled when I said I would breathe through the pain - but you know what? I was right and they were wrong - it was the right thing for me because it gave me a sense of control.
I know my birthing story isn't that of others - 'no more than a bad period pain', and 'delivery in 6 hours' - but Hypno Birthing helped me in other ways and it's something I would recommend to others and do time and time again.
So I'd just like to take the time to thank Kellie for everything. Thanks for your time, wisdom, encouragement, knowledge and for not being Nanny McPhee! xx

So its taken nearly three weeks to write our post, the reason being we were struggling to find the words to describe the amazing affects hypnobirthing had on the arrival of our beautiful daughter. Here's our story;
We had just finished our private sessions with Kellie 1 week previous , then Thursday, one day after finishing at work and six weeks earlier than expected E decided today was the day.
My waters had broke at 9.30am that morning with no surges or any birthing feelings. Once at hospital I was told if labour didn't begin itself that evening, I would be induced the following day. Precaution injections & antibiotics etc were administered and to the pre delivery suite we went. After a few hours of nothing, S went to bring some food and I decided to go for a sleep, listening to my ipod with the rainbow conditioning tack I drifted into a relaxed sleep. I woke with a feeling which I soon realised was a surge, I continued to listen to my ipod and made my way to the window and out in the garden daisys were growing and this became my visualization during surges. This was the most powerful tool I found in hypnobirthing not once did I feel anxious, or any pain and what seemed like minutes I was ready to deliver and knew the head was crowning.
S came into the room with a midwife and to the delivery suite we went. the midwife didn’t believe at first our baby was so close to entering the world.
Approximately 7pm my surges started and E was born at 8.34pm, through hypnobirthing no drugs or gas.
My description of the birth of our daughter is the most wonderful natural wonder my body has ever done, I trusted my body to do what comes natural to it.
I truly believe because my body and mind during the birth of E was so relaxed, this has passed onto our little girl. she was 6 weeks early and yet was born extremely strong, and so calm and relaxed and is still such a calm and peaceful baby.
Hypnoirthbirthing is the best decision we have ever made and we are so looking forward to our next baby !whenever that may be :)
All that is left to say is thank you to Kellie this is an amazing gift that you give , every birth should be this way xxxxxx
  S & T-A Manchester

E was born at 11pm after 55 minutes of labour. Despite me thinking Hypnobirthing wouldn't work, it actually worked really well and came totally naturally. Listening to the CD etc obviously paid off!! Easy as chips :-)

N & J Cheadle

L was born on Wednesday weighing 6ib 1. The birth went so well. I went to hospital and the midwife was going to send me home until she examined me and saw I was 6cm. Labour started at 7pm and I went to hospital at 11pm, delivered at 3.20am, only gas and air. I'm a complete convert, HypnoBirthing works and I couldn't have done it without you! L is so content and happy breastfeeding, all going great. I really can't thank you enough.
M & S Lymm

Our baby girl was born on Saturday evening weighing 7lb 9. We only made it to hospital with half an hour to spare as we never thought I was actually in full blown labour - I was getting no more than bad period pains. Even the midwife was shocked!
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending hypnobirthing to anyone, every woman giving birth should experience this! It's amazing and I actually would go as far to say, I would give birth again tomorrow. God bless Marie Mongan! Thanks again x

  J & K Wilmslow

S arrived a week early at 00:33am on Friday 13 September!
The delivery was perfect and almost down to the last detail on my plan!
I went to triage at 5cm but managed without gas until 7cm!
I was really pleased with the hypno birthing, it worked better than I expected

C & K Wilmslow

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